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Song Title Reveal #6: Sunglass

We’re now in the home stretch - just 6 days left and we’re at 63% of our total goal! If you have a moment to help share our posts on social media that would be splendid and much appreciated.

A big thank you to Tom in Wisconsin for grabbing the signed drum head / sticks package AND to Louise in Arizona for ordering the original Audra shirt from 1993! And once again, thanks to all of you for your generosity in making this happen.

In case you missed it, we added a new item - the Photo Storybook. I uncovered a box filled with photos from tours, recording sessions, album shoots and other candid moments. We’ll compile a whole bunch of these into a photo album with captions and stories for each one - along with other added Audra memorabilia: flyers, setlists, postcards, etc. - making this a one-of-a-kind artifact. There will only be ONE of these available. It’ll come with your choice of Signed CD or Black Vinyl and your name will appear in the album credits. Hooray!

And now for the sixth song title reveal…

Originally titled ‘November 8, 2010’ - the day it was written - ‘Sunglass’ was a sound experiment that I created using piano and delay (echo). Four years later, I rediscovered this piece and added words & vocals based on an event that inspired the original recording.

Back on September 9th of this year, I brought the piano tracks I recorded at home into the studio, and we used those as the foundation for the album recording. Vocals and harmonies were quickly completed and Bart devised an intense guitar part over the second half of this stark composition. In the same 4-hour session that we tracked ‘Another Fallen Petal,’ ‘Sunglass’ was captured.

As the recording sessions for this album commenced, I originally conceived ‘Sunglass’ as the album’s closing track. It’ll now find its home as the closing track to Side One - or Track 5 on the CD / Digital version.

‘Sunglass’ was created in the studio and has never been played live, though I have recorded an alternate arrangement on acoustic guitar, which will more than likely get added to any acoustic performances in the future.

Thanks for reading, Bret

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