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Song Title Reveal #3

Hello everyone. We’re now on the 11th day of our campaign - 19 days left and we’re at 38% of our total goal. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A shout-out to ReGen Magazine for featuring us today - check it out here.

And now for the third song title reveal…

Another song that was unanimously chosen for the album by Bart, Jason and myself in our pre-production meeting (see Update #2), ‘Falling’ was slated to be recorded for 2002’s Going to the Theatre, but didn’t quite fit with the mood of that record. I’m currently looking at a photo of the songboard that we made at that time - a white board with all of the songs that were being considered. Songs were written in various marker colors, based on how sure we were about their inclusion on the album. Strangely, ‘Don’t End This Time’ was written in tiny font at the very bottom. Of course, that ended up making the final cut as the album’s closer - and to some, it’s their absolute favorite Audra song.

Years ago, I loved collecting live recordings of one of my favorite bands - Jane’s Addiction. Their initial run lasted only around 6 years or so, but the majority of their songs were written within the first year. A song like ‘Three Days’ was being played live back in January of 1987, but was left off their debut that year and 1988’s Nothing’s Shocking, until it found its place on Ritual de lo Habitual two years later. Some songs are like that, they kick around for years until they find their home. And when you listen to Ritual, you know that ‘Three Days’ belongs nowhere else. The same applies to ‘Falling.’

‘Falling’ has been played live several times over the years at various acoustic performances. If I close my eyes, I can see us playing it as a full band on-stage at The Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ - probably when we supported either Peter Murphy, AFI or Nitzer Ebb. Most recently we played it last month, opening for Gene Loves Jezebel. Debuting it live in its ‘album version,’ I’m really glad that we waited and allowed it the time to develop on its own.

It’s an emotional song for me. I remember writing the words back when I was studying English at Arizona State University in the late 90s. The original demo was recorded with an acoustic guitar in my small home studio and a few days later Bart added a drum beat with the Roland R-70 (yes, the exact drum machine we are offering up in our campaign!) I am very happy that ‘Falling’ has now found its place. It’s one of my favorite pieces that we’ve written.

I’ve always believed that the closing track on any album has to be emotionally powerful. It has to leave you thinking about what you’ve just heard. It has to make you want to restart the record.

‘Falling’ will be the closing track.

Thanks for reading,


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