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Song Title Reveal #2 & Backstory

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Thank you very much to the new backers that have contributed to our campaign since the last update. We are now at 31% of our total goal!

Since last week’s launch, we’ve enhanced some of the higher dollar perks by including a physical copy of the album and/or your name in the credits. Take a look when you get a chance, you may see something you like.

And now for the second song title reveal…

Another song that was unanimously chosen for the album by Bart, Jason and myself in our pre-production meeting (see Update #2), ‘Sliding Under Cars’ was written sometime in late 2004 / early 2005. Created in a band jam session, it was inspired by my miraculous survival of a really bad car accident on a Phoenix-area freeway.

Although the song has evolved quite a bit in the pre-production demoing of July 2018, the lyrics and melody, as well as the core bass and drum groove, have remained pretty much the same.

As I mentioned in the previous update, it is such a cool experience to bring these songs that have been kicking around for years, out into the world.

If memory serves me correctly, ‘Sliding Under Cars’ has been played live only once - on March 21, 2005 at the Big Fish Pub in Tempe, AZ - when we supported one of our favorite bands, New Model Army. I’m looking forward to playing it on stage in its current form.

As of right now, I envision ‘Sliding Under Cars’ as Side One / Track 4.

Thank you for reading.


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